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chinese form of self defence traditonal wing chun yip man lineage direct from great grandmasteryip man to his sons grandmaster samuel kwok ti master mubaraik ali chi sau, hand forms, weapons, chi kung ,

Ancrum karate School

Started teaching at the Ancrum centre in Dundee on April 6th 1969, turned professional and opened a fulltime dojo and martial arts shop at 97 seagate in the centre of Dundee in 1980.We are still there teaching Shotokan Karate to around two hundred students aged from three to sixty three years.Jim FraserW.A.K.O.

BBD Scotland Ninjustu

The BBD (Bujinkan Brian Dojo) is a Europe wide organisation training under chief instructor Brian McCarthy. The head of BBD Scotland, Angus Neilson, has trained with the BBD for over 25 years and attained the level of Yondan (4th Dan Black Belt)Other instructors in BBD Scotland are all graded to various Dan levels and have all been training for at least 10 years.We train at the Tenchi Centre in Leith Edinburgh

Blackburn Seishin-Kai Karate Club

the club has been running for over six years and teaches Wado-Ryu Karate to all ages. Improve your fitness, increase your Stamina, concentration and Self-confidence. Instructor Danny McLernon 4th Dan has over 25 years experience at National and International level

Centreline Martial Arts

The Centreline Martial Arts curriculum is based around Wing Chun Kung Fu. This practical and simple system is excellent for beginners wishing to learn to defend themselves, or for experienced martial artists to further refine their skills. Complementary techniques from other combat systems are taught in order to develop well rounded trainees. In particular the Filipino martial arts will form part of your progress, after a solid grounding in Wing Chun is in place.



Edinburgh Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the self-defence and fighting system of the Israeli Security Forces. Over the last 50 years it has spread globally and evolved into a system that can be easily learned by people just like you as well as military, security and law enforcement specialists. Come on in to learn more about starting Krav Maga training, kettlebell fitness, kickboxing, MMA and children's martial arts in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Lau Gar

Lau Gar is the most popular form of Kung Fu in the UK and was brought here by Master Jeremy Yau in 1961.Jim Cairns, Scotland's first and only 5th degree black sash, runs Lau Gar clubs in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Edinburgh Martial arts academy

Edinburgh Martial Arts Academy is based at Gracemount. We offer a full-time Martial Arts, Yoga, Self-defence, Karatecise and Mindfulness centre, where anyone can start their journey and learn new skills. With friendly staff, affordable prices and a welcoming atmosphere, the Academy offers a great opportunity to get active, meet new people and have fun doing so.

Edinburgh University Taekwondo Club

Edinburgh University Taekwondo was founded in 2006, and since then became a full member club within two years and has been growing rapidly, with many new members both new to the sport and more experienced.If you’ve never trained before with us, please come along and give it a shot!Beginners are recommended to attend either the Tuesday WTF training or Saturday ITF training for their first session at least!Wednesday’s Sport TKD session is focused more towards working on drills and combinations for development towards competitions.Thursday’s open session is a class without an instructor, where you can come along and work on any part of training that you feel like, particularly in the run up to a grading or a competition if you feel you need a bit extra training.

Falkirk Wing Chun

Teaching traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu in FalkirkMember of the Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association

Fighters Hive

We are situated in central Scotland and we have our very own dedicated fight gym called Fight Cell. Our newly opened Fight Cell, is Fighters Hive own dedicated fight training gym located in Bathgate, West Lothian. The fully kitted out modern gym, now allows us to hold all our classes in one central venue.With its very own octagon cage, punch bags, speed-balls, mitts & pads, and full padded flooring and walls it makes the ideal training venue for any newcomer or established fighter, looking to train.

Granite City Taekwondo

We are the only British registered World Taekwondo Federation WTF Club in Aberdeen. Our mission is to provide a Taekwondo club for people of all ages with differing levels of ability to train together, have fun and enjoy the martial art of Taekwondo to their own level of achievement. So whether you wish to train to competition level or just for general fitness, this martial art club is suitable for you. Taekwondo is a modern Martial Art from Korea that is characterised by its fast, high and spinning kicks. The objectives of Taekwondo as a sport and as an art, is to achieve physical fitness through positive participation, to improve mental discipline and emotional equanimity, to learn self defence skills and to develop a sense of responsibility for ones self and others.

Hyun Mu Dojang

Hello I'm Kino Alvarez, the leader of Hyun Mu Dojang, a club focused on the teaching of Haidong Gumdo.Haidong Gumdo is a traditional martial art of Korean origin, focused on the mastery of Korean traditional single-edged sword, commonly known as Gum.This martial art is based on techniques and tactics against multiple opponents, simulating the action of a battlefield. Therefore, during its practice, mobility, agility, defense and attack in all directions is emphasized. Special importance is also given to techniques duel one on one.We are currently training Tuesdays evening at 8.00 pm, at Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy, Edinburgh.For more info you can visit United Kingdom Haidong Gumdo Association Webpage.

Kalari Scotland

Kalari Scotland is devoted to the teaching of Kalarippayat - a martial art from Kerala in Southern India, influenced by Yoga for its forms and exercises, and by Ayurveda (Indian Medicine) for its health and medical aspects. It also draws on aspects of Buddhism and Sufism.

Kanazawa Shotokan Ryu Karatedo

A traditional Shotokan Style karate school following the teachings and international syllabus of the Shotokan Karate International Federation and Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa. Traditional japanese karate teaching fitness, health and self defence. Internationally registered and recognised belt grading examinations carried out by International examiners. The group is headed by Jim Palmer, Sensei, a 7th Dan of SKIF and an international teacher and examiner. The group is open to all wishing to ejoy fitness and health from a traditional japanese martial art.


Kar@e was founded and established in Oban, Argyll, Scotland by Rab Neil 2003. The connotation of the term "Kar@e" is just a personal and unique interpretation as well as descriptive form of the word Karate. It is my intention to use this description of "Kar@e" to promote and identify a personal synthesis in relation to mixed martial arts.

Krav Maga Scotland

KM Scotland was one of the first Krav Maga clubs in Scotland and from humble beginnings nearly seven years ago.Learning krav maga with us means you are guaranteed quality training from the highest ranked instructor in the country.It is NOT our mission to turn you into a warrior, rather one who can appreciate the power in the devastating krav maga system and use whatever part of it you need to in order to get you home safely. We teach you as much about personal protection, awareness, prevention and de-escalation as we do about defending armed and un-armed attacks from one or more assailants.

Kuroyaki Ryu Ju Jitsu

Kuroyaki Ryu Ju Jitsu was founded by Phil Blackburn more than 12 years ago but has been in development for more an 35 years, it was only recently awarded its system name by Soke Yamaue and the The Daishoji Imperial Temple of Japan , A great honour to a life times work in developing this system by Blackburn sensei.Kuroyaki Ryu Ju Jitsu are founding members of the International Bu-Jutsu University, founded Soke Yamaue.Class are run for wee samurai, little samurai and ee/senior ju jitsu

Kyokushin Schools of Karate

Traditional Kyokushinkai Karate

Livingston Karate Club

Livingston Karate Club has been operating Shotokan karate clubs throughout WestLothian, Scotland for a many years, with regular classes operating in Bathgate andLivingston, catering for adults and children (from 6 years).The club is registered with West Lothian Council as a youth group.The club is run by Grahame Brown, assisted by Dave and Chris.Instructors teach on a voluntarily and the club operates on a non profitbasis. Fees collected are used to cover hall expenses, insurance,club social events and courses with professional trainers.The club is a family friendly organisation which isreflected in our pricing structure.

Musashi Karate

"Welcome to the Musashi Karate Club - Traditional Jissen Karate & Bunkai Jutsu." We are a traditional karate club based in the south west of Scotland. We are a forward thinking club and focus on practical applied karate.From White belt to Black belt, Musashi Karate is a club where earning a black belt means something.For the experienced martial artist whether it is karate or another system, Musashi Karate has a particular interest in practical self protection and has built the syllabus and training around that principle. This approach will inspire and broaden any existing student’s knowledge and with the open minded attitude can only enhance their current abilities.


Satorishido is a martial arts club competeing in Karate (freestyle) and Kickboxing, we are a registered charitable club, our aim is to promote Martial Arts to those who wish to embrace it.

Scottish Ju-Jitsu Society

Training in the traditional Japanese martial art of Ju-Jitsu, the Scottish Ju-Jitsu Society offer excellent cardio work as well as training and grading in a safe, respectful and disciplined environment. All our instructors are volunteers which means we can offer very competitive prices. We have four clubs, in Aberdeen, Bathgate, Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy. All ages and abilities are made to feel very welcome with us, so please feel free to contact us or pop along to one of our classes to see if you would be interested. Call Sensei Gordon Brown on the number provided for more information or go to our Facebook page

Scottish United Taekwon-do Association

Part of ITF Taekwon-do

Silat Ikhtiar

Pencak Silat from Malaysia

Sooyang Do

Sooyang Do is a unique martial arts training system which enables it participants to build confidence whilst learning self defence and enhancing their fitness levels. Our training method mainly works in intervals, high energy bursts with little recovery time which is an excellent way of getting rid of any unwanted body fat as well as being an excellent stress buster.All instructors are fully qualified, insured, first aid trained and are members of the PVG scheme. Instructors have also attended 3rd party Sport coaching and Child protection courses.Sooyang Do is a Club Cap approved martial art and is a member of Aberdeen City and Shire Sports Councils.

Sooyang Do - Summerhill Club Aberdeen

Sooyang Do is a unique martial arts training system which enables it participants to build confidence whilst learning self defence and enhancing their fitness levels. Our training method mainly works in intervals, high energy bursts with little recovery time which is an excellent way of getting rid of any unwanted body fat as well as being an excellent stress buster.All instructors are fully qualified, insured, first aid trained and are members of the PVG scheme. Instructors have also attended 3rd party Sport coaching and Child protection courses.Sooyang Do is a Club Cap approved martial art and is a member of Aberdeen City and Shire Sports Councils.

Tenchi Martial Arts Centre

Our goal within the Tenchi Martial Arts Centre is to bring together and offer distinct styles of traditional Martial Arts as well as training within modern day aspects including self protection and fitness (circuit and aerobic) . Choose between Ninjutsu, Aikido, Karate, Judo Shaolin Kung Fu, Muay Thai and others and find the traditional style that is right for youAvailable for Seminars and to hire for private classes Fully matted training area

Urban Disturbance

Urban disturbance host MMA ,Muay Thai,judo,fitness and girls boot camp check us out

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