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White High Top Feiyue Wushu Training Shoes

By Robbie Pringle

I’ve had a pair of these martial art shoes for nigh on three years now and, as they’re still in a decent nick, I’m sure it’s going to be a good bit longer before I need to replace them.   This being the case, I can highly recommend them as durable light-weight shoes and great value for money.

Their high-top provides excellent ankle support, and thus stability, without being inflexible or stiff,  making them ideal for the most demanding martial art work-outs.

They are also ideal for the flat-footed amongst us.   As a wearer of orthotic insoles myself  they hug and hold my ankles and feet in place, and thus my insoles, well enough to avoid much of the discomfort I feel when wearing other shoes.

On the downside, and this is not too much of a downside, it has to be said they did take a little wearing in, as their grip is so good!  Particularly for turning, à la wing chun – less grip is wanted – but after a while the outsole smoothes.

Below you’ll see the black version of the shoe.  I wear the black.  Design wise, both black and white are not unlike skateboarding shoes.   As such some might find them quite trendy.  However in that regard, for me, the jury is out.  I just like the fact mine have lasted so long, and that they do not inhibit my training one single iota.   They’re neither clumsy or clunky, and they’re certainly more comfortable than they look.  All in all a great shoe.


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